ArrowUpChart01.jpg We are a high quality, technical consulting firm. We are not a group of “techies” or the “Geek Squad”. We are a group of experts and experienced professionals ready to take on any project. We go beyond the ordinary issues that appear on the surface and dig deeper to reveal the underlying causes of problems. Our abilities are unmatched by any other company. Why? There are two sides - the business and the technology. We remove the uncertainty in a project because we cover the whole playing field. There are no gaps between the users and the computers. We are already there before we step through the door! We've been there, done that. Can you imagine how much better the whole project would be having someone who can truly understand the business process? Can you imagine not wasting time and money educating the consultants during the whole project? The frustration level and the loss of work by users is dramatically reduced or eliminated.

  • How about a CPA with an MBA who writes a document management program. The results: cuts labor costs of 3 workers by 80%?
  • What about an accountant who started as an internal auditor and now writes a program to automate a route delivery company - cutting labor costs by 50% and virtually eliminating errors?
  • And what does someone with a Masters in Economics do? He creates a statistic model for gas consumption, for a utility company, to predict commercial and residential demand to avoid excessive or undersupplying of gas purchase contracts.

These are just some of the projects we performed. We don't just do programming and blame the Database Administrators. We don't just do the Systems Analysis work and blame the Networking Department. We don't just do the Project Management and blame the whole team when the jobs aren't completed. Since we can do it all - there is only one finger to point. And we like it that way! As our slogan states –

OUR GOAL: Your computers work for you everyday and you don't need us!

We put the 'IT' in 'Profit'! ©

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